Update Nov 28, 2023

Lawsuit UPDATE!

HOW IT WORKS? If you can’t afford a lawyer to represent your Company you lose your Company unless you take a deal .

The FDA deal is me showing them how my immune support drink is made in order to sell it in the USA, my Answer is NO!

So After Jan 24 this Website will be Permanently Down!

Current Status: We are in Court and the USA Government who’s accusing us DO NOT HAVE ANY EVIDENCE! They can’t prove their Accusations. On Nov 28, 2023 They Claimed as the Government ” THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING” so our Next court date is Jan 24, 2024 LETS SEE

After this Case is Over I will make my Announcement. The Company might default but I’m dedicating the Next 2 months to Win This Case against me Personally and the case against my Idea! Stay Tuned!!

We appreciate your support.

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